Mac Service

iMac not starting? Liquid spilled on your MacBook Pro? Things running slower than normal?

We offer a range of service options including tailor-made service contracts, on-site support, telephone and email support.

We troubleshoot and repair hardware/software problems for Apple Macintosh Computers.

For service enquiries, please call us on 01 610 00 00 or email



Common Mac problems, and how to fix them:

My Mac won’t connect to the internet

If you are using a wired connect, check that the cable is securely attached to your Mac. If your internet connection is wireless, check the airport menu to see that you are connected to the current network. Restart your modem and wait 5 minutes before checking again.


I can send or receive email

Check that you are connected to the internet (see above). Try re-entering the password for your email account.


My email account has been compromised

Change your password to something more secure. A mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation is more secure than a password entirely in lower case.


I can’t upgrade Safari 

If you are running an old version of Mac OS X and you run Software Update, it may tell you that there are no updates available. This means that there are no updates available for the current system you are using. In order to access newer software, you must first update your Operating System.


There is no sound on my Mac

Go to System Preferences – Sound – Output. Check that the sound output is set to internal speakers (or whatever sound output device you are using).


My Mac won’t start up

Restart and hold down the shift key to start your Mac in safe mode. If the computer starts up, restart again to return to normal. If it does not start up, you may have a hard drive issue.


I am having trouble saving files to an external hard drive

If your hard drive is formatted for PC, it will not be fully compatible with the Mac. Back up your information and reformat the hard drive using the disk utility software to use the Mac OS Extended (journaled) format.


I accidentally deleted a file

If you have a Time Machine backup, connect it to your computer and use the Time Machine interface to restore the most recent version of your file.


My Mac is slow

Quit applications that you are not using, and restart the computer. If it is still slow, you may need to add extra RAM to your computer.


An application has frozen or is not responding  on my Mac.

Click and hold on the icon for the frozen application in the dock. Choose ‘quit’ or  ‘force quit’ from the menu that appears.


My hard drive is full

Copy files to an external hard drive and delete them from your Mac to free up space. Check the size of files and folders that remain on your Mac to find large files that are taking up space.






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