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Mac ransomware targets Transmission users

Version 2.90 of Transmission has been infected with ransomware. It is believed the Transmission website was compromised. The KeRanger malware imposes a 72 hour lockout window unless the user pays 1 bitcoin (€376.00). Transmission recommend you delete version 2.90 from your computer, or upgrade to version 2.91 which is safe.   The KeRanger malware appears still to be under development, and it is reported to attempt to encrypt Time Machine backup files to prevent users recovering their... read more

Google Chrome drops support for Mac OS 10.8 and below

Google have announced they will no longer support Chrome running on Mac OS 10.8 and below. Chrome will continue to function on these systems, but no new updates will be released. From a security point of view, it would make sense where possible to update your system to Mac OS 10.9 or later. Please bear in mind that updating from a system such as 10.6 to 10.11  may affect the performance of applications, so please check the compatibility of any important software before upgrading. It may also require hardware upgrades to run the newer... read more

Deactivate Fonts with Font Book

Do you have a large number of fonts installed on your Mac? If so, they could be slowing you down. Try disabling fonts that you don’t use on a regular basis using Font Book. You can also use Font Book to scan for corrupt or duplicate fonts. read more

Another fake Software Update

                                    The software update window above is not genuine. Below is a sample of the genuine update window.                                         Fake updates tend to omit the ‘Not Now’ option, forcing you to install the... read more

Take control of your fonts

    Font management in OS X can be a headache. Without the right fonts installed, documents won’t display or print correctly. Too many fonts active at the same time will slow down your Mac. Extensis have produced an in-depth guide to managing all things font related.... read more

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple has released OS X 10.11 El Capitan. It is available as a free download from the App Store. Initial reports are that it is quite stable, but if you use any third party applications or hardware, you should not install 10.11 until they have been verified as compatible, or until they have been updated for the new system. It will run on most Macs from 2007 onwards. You will need roughly 8GB of free hard drive space and although Apple list 2GB as the minimum RAM requirement, performance will improve with 8GB or more. Don’t forget to back up your computer before installing a new operating system.   New features include: – Split view applications – ‘Find mode’ for cursor making it easier to see on a large screen – Improved Mail app performance – Maps now shared directions with iPhones – Notes app allows you to create checklists and add attachments – Photos app now supports third-party... read more